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Eshop Vernerporc offers more than thirty kinds of dishes and dishes, and we are expanding our offer. The goal is to offer about forty dishes and dishes ready to be delivered quickly. Our menu of dishes and dishes is made up exclusively of Czech produce, which holds traditional quality at the level of German quality porcelain. We stock about 80% of our dining and dishes.

Our suppliers are based on the long tradition of porcelain production in Bohemia. The main area of ​​porcelain production in our country is the area at the foot of the Ore Mountains. This location is quite logical, as the main raw material for kaolin porcelain production is mined here.

Porcelain dining set is an essential element of dining. The shape or decoration of porcelain is an important part of the style of dining. The Czech environment traditionally suffers from the quality of dining and dishes. The porcelain dining set is a bit of a part of our spiritual heritage.

To develop new shapes and decorations, manufacturers use the services of our best designers. Porcelain dining set is the soul of every household and displays the level of household. Dining set and set of plates characterize the whole family. It is very common for parents or grandparents to be very careful with the Dining Set.

We sell dining sets and sets of dishes from our best-known brands. The most represented is now Moritz Zdekauer of the Old Role, then Leander Loučky, Thun Porcelán and Czech Porcelain Dubi. All of these manufacturers are characterized by the use of the finest porcelain blend and production tradition.

Household items are most often purchased with decorated dining sets. If the dining sets are not decorated with gold or platinum ornaments, microwave ovens are suitable for the dishwasher. Dining services are suitable and very popular as wedding gifts. To the dining set, a set of cakes, a compote set and a coffee set with a tea set are purchased as a supplement. Dining set is compiled for six tables, but it is often added to 12 personal ones, it will arrange a set of plates.

Modern dining sets are represented in the VERNERPORC eshop of Gama, Tetra, Catrin, Bernadotte, Sylvie, Mary Anne, Saphyr, Future Ofelie and Viola. Manufacturers are trying to push through new trends in porcelain and dining, but this is a very demanding process. There are also older types of shapes and decorations, such as the Ofelie, Rose or Mary Anne dining set. Of course, all these shapes are produced as a set of plates. Here are the decors and shapes that could be called rural porcelain or chalky porcelain. Their standings include dining sets with hunting themes in the section Hunting and Fishing Porcelain.
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