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In our eshop VERNERPORC you can find more than 15 tea sets and we are still widening our selection. Our goal is to offer about forty tea sets available in a reasonable time. Our offer of tea sets consists by this time of Czech made set only, so that we offer goods on the same level of quality as the German high-quality porcelain. We have 80% of the sets directly in our store. The tea sets in our offer are from the most famous brands. The majority of the porcelain tea sets is represented by the brand Moritz Zdekauer from Stare Role. Other brands of our sets are Leander Loucky, Thun and Cesky Porcelan Dubi.

The tea sets is meant to be used by more people at the same time and they consist most commonly from 15 parts – 6 tea cups, 6 saucers, 1 teapot 1,25l., 1 sugar bowl, 1 cream pot. Customers buy mainly decorated sets. If they don’t have a gold or platinum decoration, they can be put into a microwave oven and a dishwasher. The tea cups are usually 150 ml or 155ml. It is a very convenient and popular wedding gift. In this way compiled tea set is for six people and it can be extended with six tea cups with saucers to be used by twelve people. The newest supplement for the tea set is a cake set or a compote set.

In our eshop you can also find some modern tea setsGama, Tetra, Colon, Leon, Viola and also Czech tea sets from Cesky Porcelan Dubi . The producers are trying to bring through modern trends in making porcelain and tea sets. We offer also older shapes and decors like tea set Ophelia, Rose or Mary Anne and Czech tea sets from Cesky Porcelan Dubi. We can classify them as a village or cottager porcelain.

Its own category have tea sets with hunting theme. There are two colors distinguished. White – where a great emphasis is put to the quality of the white color, and tea sets in the color of ivory, where chemicals are added into the whiteware which causes the creme color of the porcelain.
A decoration of the tea sets is also possible.

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